Haute Couture has arrived in Tryon

Yesterday was an amazing day in Polk County NC.  The new owners of the Mimosa Inn (which is right next door to the Chamber), Mary and Kevin Parker, hosted a photo shoot of a major NY clothing designer, Charles Harbison.  The models from 3Blackbird Management, Charlotte, were searching for a location and  luckily,  local Melanie Jennings, mom of model Cheyenne Jennings, suggested the vacant inn as the location.  Cheyenne has risen to the top like a rocket this past year, a natural for runway and who looks fab in every color under the sun,  walking in Fashion Week New York this past Spring, with the best of the best.  The Mimosa, in all its vast historic and currently empty splendor was just what Harbison was looking for, as renovations are just beginning.  I got to tag along and meet  Mary and Kevin, learning about their company GreenLife and their plans for the inn, and observe the talent of 3BBM,  the models, make-up artists, photographers and videographers, publisher of The Face magazine, and Harbison, in action, and it was exciting to say the least.  These visitors, most of which had never been here before, expounded on the beauty and quiet atmosphere as they enjoyed working in the freedom of escape from big city hustle.  They are welcome back anytime!