Blackwell Electric

Blackwell Electric maintains basic wiring skills needed by the builders and homeowners, and, of course, at reasonable pricing. We are also extremely active in the newest electrical technologies, such as structural wiring, also called “the smart house.”

What do builders and owners need from an electrical contractor?

• Competitive pricing

• Innovative new approaches

• Quality work and skill

• Job start and finish on time

• Teamwork attitude

• Guaranteed performance

• A rigorous safety focus

Services Provided:

• New Construction

• Remolding

• Service Upgrade

• Structural Wiring (Smart House)

• Mobile Home Hook-up

• Ceiling Fans

• Interior and Exterior Lighting

• Generator Installation

• Special Requests

New approaches are needed to handle the ever-changing housing market. This newest technology in electrical installation allow integrated systems to control the house from either the home or from a phone while you are away from your home, leading to an exciting new approach to home building. Through advanced planning, builders and homeowners can tie everything together, from sprinkler systems to security cameras.

Blackwell Electric is a Certified Leviton Structured Cabling Installation Partner. Leviton’s Integrated Networks and Structured Media systems are designed to give homeowners an expanded range of choices. Structured Media subsystem involves voice, data, video, audio and video monitoring for the home.

On top of all these new incoming home technologies are some age-old needs, such as security, convenience and comfort. These include smart lighting, better power quality and more comprehensive home control, which are some of the applications making a leap from luxury to everyday use. Home control subsystems make the home more accessible and livable

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